The following steps are required to revalidate a lapsed New Zealand CPL or ATPL, taking into account the Level 4 COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Check to see if you are more than five years beyond the date that your last NZ BFR or NZ OCA lapsed (BFR valid for 2 years; OCA valid for 1 year).
  • If outside the 5-year period, you will need to sit the air law examination relevant to the licence privileges you wish to exercise, but see the exception below associated with OCAs. During the Level 4 restrictions all Aspeq examinations are on hold.
  • You need to hold a current NZ class 1 medical certificate. Under the current COVID-19 restrictions, these are not essential activity. If your medical has lapsed, then it will not be possible to renew it until the restrictions are lifted. For those who can show evidence of a job offer in an ‘essential’ aviation operation, it may be possible to apply for an exemption from rule 61.35. This is only for very exceptional circumstances, and not a blanket exemption for those searching for employment. Work is being done on future medical requirements should COVID-19 restrictions continue for an extended period. Any changes will be notified.
  • You will need to complete an ATPL OCA, or CPL BFR or OCA, with a current New Zealand examiner or instructor as appropriate. An OCA gained within an overseas company is only valid for operations within that company, and cannot be transferred for currency With the current travel and border restrictions, these renewals are not allowed, except when associated with ‘essential’ aviation activities.
  • For ATPL holders, the ATPL OCA must be completed in an aircraft >5700 kg, or an approved flight simulator in a multi-crew environment at a New Zealand organisation. An OCA completed in this way waives the requirement to undertake the air law examination. As there is no BFR as such for the ATPL, an ATPL flight test profile with a current New Zealand examiner may be flown to regain currency instead of the OCA. The pilot requiring the test must make all the arrangements and meet the costs for this. An IR renewal on its own does not count as a renewal for the ATPL or CPL privileges.
  • For CPL holder, or to exercise CPL privileges only on an ATPL, complete a CPL BFR with a current New Zealand A or B-cat instructor; and an IR annual competency check with a current New Zealand examiner if required. A relevant VFR or IFR OCA completed with a New Zealand organisation counts instead of the CPL BFR and IR competency check respectively, and waives the CPL air law requirement.

Much of the above is not permitted under Level 4 restrictions, but this will change as the restrictions are relaxed. If overseas, you will need to comply with any local COVID-19 restrictions in place. In the short term, the CAA is not planning any further dispensation to these requirements. Should the COVID-19 situation change, or be extended for a lengthy period, then change may be considered.

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