Page updated 23 December 2022

The Authority is committed to diversity and inclusion and has an active strategy to support an inclusive workplace.

To demonstrate our commitment, we intend monitoring our gender and ethnic pay and representation within the Authority. We have set an ambitious target of 0% gender pay gap over the next three years.

Currently, we have limited ethnic data as a benchmark which makes it difficult to set a meaningful target, however, we will highlight a target by April 2023 in the Authority’s ‘Closing the Gaps - Gender and Ethnicity Action Plan’ in April 2023 when we have had an opportunity to collect more robust information (confidentially) from our people about their ethnicity.

Our action plan will be aligned to Kia Toipoto, which is a programme led by the Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission. It is part of the government’s commitment to eliminate gender and ethnic discrimination in the Public Service.

The action plan will be published at the end of April 2023, and will identify how the Authority will track towards achieving Kia Toipoto's goals, which are:

  • to make substantial progress towards closing gender, Māori, Pacific and other ethnic pay gaps,
  • accelerate progress for wāhine Māori, Pacific, and ethnic pay gaps,
  • create fairer workplaces for all, including disabled people and members of rainbow communities.

The work will be done in conjunction with our Unions and there will be an opportunity for all our employees to provide input.

Our status

The Authority has 1603 employees. This excludes contractors and casual employees.

Gender pay gap

As of 30 September 2022, the Authority’s gender pay gap was 3.8%. In comparison, our gender pay gap in June 2021 was 7.5%.

Ethnicity pay gap

As at September 2022

Split of ethnicity data available at the Authority
Ethnicity reported Number of people % of ethnicity data available
Yes 900 55.69%
No 716 44.31%
Total 1616  


Overall Authority ethnicity pay gaps
Ethnicity  Ethnicity pay gap (mean*) Ethnicity pay gap (median**) % of total workforce who has reported ethnicity Public Service ethnic pay gap 2022 as at Dec 2022 (mean)
Asian 15.53% 7.70% 20.22% 12.4%
Māori 1.20% 2.01% 10.22% 6.5%
Other 6.86% 10.00% 3.11% n/a
Pacific Peoples 18.43% 8.67% 10.89% 17.7%

*The Public Service currently use the mean as their measure of gender and ethnicity pay gaps.

**The Public Service are transitioning to reporting both the mean and the median gender and ethnicity pay gaps.

Data disclaimers

  • The data is current as of the dates above.
  • Employees who disclosed more than one ethnicity were included in more than one ethnic pay gap calculation. As a result, employee numbers may add up to more than the total number of employees reported.
  • As per Public Service Commission guidelines, all employees who did not disclose any ethnicity information were excluded from the calculations of the ethnic pay gaps reported.