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Batteries [PDF 662 KB]
A3 and A4 sizes
Revised March 2022
Dangerous goods [PDF 831 KB]
A3 and A4 sizes
Revised March 2022
New Zealand airspace [PDF 453 KB]
A1 size
Revised April 2022
Standard overhead join [PDF 347 KB]
A2 size
Revised June 2021

Heritage collection

These posters are available for download only.

Aircraft operator requirements [PDF 70 KB]
Revised March 2016

Are you fit to fly? [PDF 677 KB]
Revised March 2014
Check NOTAMs and AIP Supps [PDF 156 KB]
Revised July 2015
Civil Aviation Rules and Advisory Circulars [PDF 101 KB]
Revised May 2016
I'm safe to fly [PDF 230 KB]
Revised October 2012
New Zealand cloud types [PDF 1.2 MB]
Revised April 2006
Release to service [PDF 324 KB]
Revised May 2017
Safety around helicopters [PDF 587 KB]
Revised May 2012
Safety on the apron [PDF 305 KB]
Revised June 2004

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