Carry-on bag
Checked-in luggage
Lighter fluid

Can I take this item on a plane?

No, Lighter fluid is forbidden from entering a plane.

What are the restrictions?

All lighter refills and fluid containing highly flammable butane, hydrocarbon mix, or petroleum distillates are forbidden from being taken onto a plane.

Why is this item restricted?

Some liquids are highly volatile and can have low combustion thresholds. Lighter fluids can’t be taken onto planes because there is a risk of them exploding or catching fire harming people and property. It is not safe to take them on the plane.

What happens if I have a restricted item in my carry-on bag?

You will be asked to relinquish all dangerous or prohibited items found in your carry-on luggage. If you refuse:

  • you will not be permitted to move through the screening point, and
  • your airline will be advised of your refusal.

How does Aviation Security screen for restricted items?

AvSec x-ray bags going onto aircraft to ensure there is nothing dangerous in them. If something comes up on the x-ray that needs checking, the bag will be opened, searched and any dangerous good or prohibited item will be removed, with a bag search notification form left within the bag.