The Flight Instructor Guide is an online resource to assist new and aspiring C-category instructors. It provides briefings, whiteboard layouts, and diagrams.

Revised 2021


Helicopter flight instruction manual


For rotary, see the Helicopter flight instructor manual.

Instructional theory

This section of the Flight Instructor Guide supports the Instructional Techniques Course required for an instructor rating.

Flight Instructor Code of Conduct [PDF 279 KB] - standards of behaviour expected from everyone involved in flight training, jointly developed by the Civil Aviation Authority and Aviation New Zealand.


Briefings introduction

Basic concepts

These first seven lessons are provided in this recommended order. Please refer to your CFI for the order your organisation uses.

Circuit training

The order for the following eight lessons will be dictated by the conditions on the day, the student’s ability to learn the new material, and their progress in mastering the skills.

Please refer to your CFI for the order your organisation uses.

Advanced manoeuvres

The order of the next twelve lessons will be dictated by conditions on the day. It's expected that the student be sent solo to practise these manoeuvres in the training area on a regular basis between dual lessons. Please refer to your CFI.

Instrument flying

The instrument lessons are to be carried out as dual instruction only and will be dictated by the conditions on the day. For the compass turns and night flying lessons, these will also involve solo practise subsequent to dual instruction. Please refer to your CFI.

Visual navigation

Navigation is much more than simple map-reading, and this navigation section to the FI Guide refers to the guide Practical Flying Guide 1: Visual Navigation. The techniques recommended in the guide are thoroughly explained and are not repeated here. To understand the intent of the lessons, the techniques to be taught, and the briefings in this section, it is essential the instructor is familiar with the guide.


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