Once you hold a NZ AMEL, you need to meet our requirements for the issue of type ratings.

  • Ratings are only issued for aircraft types on the NZ register.
  • We will only recognise / endorse type ratings held on a foreign AMEL at the initial recognition for the issue of a NZ AMEL.

Requirements for type ratings

Record and submit an experience log in an acceptable Practical Training Record (PTR)

  • Experience needs to be a broad cross-section of maintenance tasks at both Line and Base (Hangar). Maintenance Levels and should be across all relevant systems (appropriate ATA Chapters) for the category(s) applying for.
  • The range and depth of experience should be readily evident from a review of your PTR.
  • Refer to AC66-1 Appendix 5 for acceptable PTR requirements.
  • Examples of PTR

Complete an approved/acceptable course

Our expectation is that type rating courses should be:

  • developed/packaged to an industry recognised standard, such as - ATA Specification 104 - Guidelines for Aircraft Maintenance Training - Level III (Line and Base Level Maintenance), or an equivalent standard;
  • cover all the relevant systems (ATA chapters) for the privilege of the category of licence;
  • cover the series of aircraft or powerplants that the rating provides privilege for;
  • cover a competency assessment element such as a technical oral.

The course must be:

  • conducted by the holder of an aviation training organisation certificate issued under Part 147 that authorises the conduct of such a course; or
  • conducted by the manufacturer of the applicable aircraft or component; or
  • approved by the competent authority of a foreign ICAO contracting state.

Complete Technical Oral Assessment / Examination

The Technical Oral should establish the engineer’s technical competence covering the full rating privilege being applied for. This should be conducted by the applicant’s Part 145 maintenance organisation (as part of their company authorisation procedures), or alternatively by the acceptable training provider using our guidelines.

See all of the requirements in Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing

Find further guidance in Advisory circular AC66-1 - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence - General

LAME rating designations [PDF 486 KB]

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