The owner of a registered aircraft has to pay an annual registration fee and participation levy. If your aircraft won’t be flown in the future, or you’re exporting it, you can de-register it. You won’t have to pay the fee and levy, invoiced on 1 July every year, if the aircraft is de-registered by 1 July.

Registration fee and participation levy

If you want your aircraft de-registered by 1 July, complete one of the de-registration of aircraft forms below. If the owner is unable to sign (for example, they’re deceased), use the de-registration of aircraft form with statutory declaration. Get the form into us in plenty of time so you can be sure it will be de-registered by 1 July. If de-registration isn’t completed by then, an invoice for the fees will have been generated and you’ll need to pay it. There’s no fee for de-registering an aircraft.

24047/05 De-registration of aircraft [PDF 1.9 MB]

24047/05A De-registration of aircraft – with statutory declaration

To ensure prompt attention, email your forms to the aircraft registrar. We'll always confirm it has received your applications.

For more information, email for a free copy of the "How to be an aircraft owner [PDF 1.4 MB]" booklet. See our range of Good Aviation Practice booklets.

Send the original certificate of registration and certificate of airworthiness (or flight permit) to:

Aircraft Registrar
Civil Aviation Authority
PO Box 3555
Wellington 6140

Once de-registered, the aircraft’s certificate of airworthiness (or flight permit) is revoked.

IDERA - de-registration under IDERA also uses the deregistration of aircraft form, but it must be completed by the ‘authorised party’.  

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