Other than carry-on items and cargo, any equipment in an aircraft must be installed in accordance with acceptable technical data. Many instruments and equipment such as seatbelts, fire extinguishers, radios and navigation equipment are required to meet a standard, such as a Technical Standard Order (TSO) by rule 91.501(2).

Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs)

Instruments and equipment installed in an aircraft must be in an operable condition unless the conditions of rule 91.537 are met. This rule allows for the approval of a Minimum Equipment List which may allow equipment to be inoperable for a period of time with mitigating conditions.

Guidelines for producing a MEL which can be approved by the CAA using form 24091-01 [PDF 26 KB]Minimum equipment list (MEL) guideline [PDF 52 KB]

Template MEL for single-engine aircraft which do not already have a Master MEL approved by the state of design: Minimum equipment list - single-engine aircraft template [DOC 563 KB]

CAA approved MMEL for the Pacific Aerospace 750xl: Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) - PAC 750 XL [DOC 425 KB] 

Technical standard orders

Foreign airworthiness authorities such as FAA and EASA publish technical standard orders (TSO).

A TSO is an approval at the equipment level and a TSO does not constitute acceptable technical data for installation on an aircraft.

Register of Alternative Specification Approvals [PDF 209 KB] is a list of approvals by the Director in accordance with rule 91.502(2)(ii)(A), and rule 121.353(a)(2)(ii).

The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand also publishes specifications through the issue of New Zealand Technical Standard Orders (NZTSO). An NZTSO contains information about the minimum performance standard for equipment that the Authority considers acceptable to comply with an applicable rule. It may also specify acceptable practices and procedures for the production of equipment under an associated NZTSO authorisation.

NZTSO 2001 Time in Service Recorders [PDF 53 KB]

NZTSO C90C Cargo Pallets, Nets and Containers [PDF 111 KB]

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