Sometimes an aircraft, or component has an airworthiness concern that requires urgent attention. To achieve that, the Director issues an Emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) notified directly to the registered operators of affected aircraft. Emergency ADs can be issued at any time, and are issued where compliance is required before further flight, or is less than 50 hours TIS, or 28 calendar days.

EASA AD 2024-0138 Tecnam P-Mentor Aircraft: Seat Rails - Inspection [PDF 200 KB]

Effective date: 18 July 2024

Applicability: Tecnam P-Mentor S/N 1003 through to 1056 (inclusive), 1064 through to 1075 (inclusive), 1078 through to 1082 (inclusive), 1089, 1090, 1118, 1119, 1124, 1125 and, 1126, except those aircraft embodied with Tecnam modification MOD2002/339, or Service Bulletin (SB) SB-748-CS.

EASA AD 2024-0104 AB212 and AB412 helicopters: Left Upper Cap Angle - Inspection [PDF 196 KB]

Effective date: 31 May 2024

Applicability: Leonardo AB212, AB412 and AB412 EP helicopters, all S/N.

FAA Emergency AD 2024-10-04(external link)

Effective date: 6 June 2024

Applicability: Piper PA-28-181, PA-28R-201, PA-34-220T, and PA-44-180 Aircraft, S/N identified in Piper SB No. 1413, dated April 9, 2024

UK CAA AD G-2024-0001-E Lindstrand Balloons: Envelopes with Polyester Filled Aramid (Kevlar) Load Tapes – Removal from Service [PDF 363 KB]

Effective date: 2 May 2024

Applicability: Lindstrand hot air balloon envelopes with a date of manufacture after March 2017. Affected envelopes are fitted with optional Polyester Filled Aramid (Kevlar) load tapes.

Transport Canada AD CF-2024-11 [PDF 178 KB]

Effective date: 26 March 2024

Applicability: Bell 429 helicopters, S/N 57001 and onwards.

EASA Emergency AD 2024-0071 Cabri G2 helicopters - Swashplate Inspection [PDF 198 KB]

Effective date: 21 March 2024

Applicability: Cabri G2 helicopters, all S/N.

Transport Canada Emergency AD CF-2024-05 [PDF 157 KB]

Effective date: 17 February 2024

Applicability: Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6A-64, PT6A-66, PT6A-66A, PT6A-66B, PT6A-66D, PT6A-66T, PT6A-67, PT6A-67A, PT6A-67AF, PT6A-67AG, PT6A-67B, PT6A-67D, PT6A-67F, PT6A-67P, PT6A-67R, PT6A-67RM, PT6A-67T, PT6A-68, PT6A-68B, PT6A-68C, PT6A-68D, PT6A-68T, PT6E-67XP and PT6E-66XT engine models.

AD 2024-0037-E - AUSTRO ENGINE GmbH - E4 and E4P engines [PDF 206 KB]

Effective date: 06 February 2024

Applicability: This AD is applicable to Austro Engine E4 and E4P engines

EASA AD 2024-0028-E Eurocopter EC135 [PDF 210 KB]

Effective date: 29 January 2024

Applicability: All EC135 Models and serial numbers

Transport Canada AD CF2024-03 (external link)

Effective date: 29 January 2024

Applicability: Bell 505 Helicopters serial numbers 65011 and subsequent.

EASA Emergency AD 2024-0007-E Cabri G2 helicopters - Pilot and Copilot Cyclic Stick Base Inspection(external link)

Effective date: 10 January 2024

Applicability: Cabri G2 helicopters, all S/N.

FAA AD 2023-25-02 Piper PA-46 Series Aircraft - Control Column Mount Bearing(external link)

Effective date: 19 December 2023

Applicability: PA–46–350P aircraft, S/N 4636811 through 4636814 inclusive and 4636816 through 4636829 inclusive;
PA–46–500TP aircraft, S/N 4697692 through 4697700 inclusive; and
PA–46–600TP aircraft, S/N 4698224 through 4698240 inclusive and 4698242 through 4698274 inclusive.

EASA AD 2023-0213 Airbus MBB-BK117 Helicopters - Hoist Hook Damper Modification [PDF 197 KB]

Effective date: 22 Dec 2023

Applicability: MBB-BK117 C-2, D-2, D-3 and D-3m helicopters, all variants, all S/N

EASA Emergency AD 2023-0204-E Cabri G2 Helicopters Pilot and Copilot Cyclic Stick Base – Inspection(external link)

Effective: 22 Nov 2023

Applicability: All Cabri G2 helicopters

EASA Emergency AD 2023-0190-E: EC 130 T2 helicopters embodied with Airbus Helicopters modification 079809 in production [PDF 212 KB]

Effective: 06 Nov 2023

Applicability: EC 130 T2 helicopters, all S/N embodied with Airbus Helicopters modification 079809 in production.

EASA Emergency AD 2023-0188 Leonardo AW169 Helicopters Float Assemblies – Replacement [PDF 200 KB]

Effective: 1 Nov 2023

Applicability: Leonardo AW169 helicopters, all S/N.

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