Published date: 25 May 2022


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with 91.201(2). It is intended for each pilot-in-command of a small single-engine aeroplane being operated under Part 91 on VFR operations.

Related rules

This AC relates to Civil Aviation Rule Part 91, especially rule 91.201(2).

Change notice

This is Revision 1 of this AC, and it replaces Revision 0, which was dated 1 April 1997. When this AC was reviewed in May 2022, it was found to be largely current, except for two aspects:

  • The wording of rule 91.201(2) needed to be updated
  • The status and relevance of Civil Aviation Safety Order 4 (CASO4), which is no longer in use but is the basis for the calculations in this AC, needed to be explained.

The opportunity was also taken to update the format, correct typos and inconsistencies in style and add a version History in line with other ACs.

A version of the AC with the changes highlighted in yellow is attached here [PDF 236 KB] for quick reference.