All aircraft owners must keep their contact details current. It’s a legal requirement. Out-of-date contacts mean critical safety information doesn’t reach you.

If we don't have the contact details of the current owner of an aircraft, (for instance, the ownership of the aircraft has transferred, but there’s been no application to change possession) and the aircraft’s certificate of registration has expired under rule 47.69, the aircraft will be removed from the aircraft register.

If you’re an aircraft owner and your aircraft is shown here, please phone +64 4 560 9575 or email the aircraft registrar.

If you know the aircraft owner, please ask them to contact the aircraft registrar as soon as possible.

Once the aircraft is removed from the aircraft register, the airworthiness/flight documents are also revoked. There’s a substantial cost to re-register the aircraft and issue the airworthiness/flight documents again.

Aircraft with 'missing' owners


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