Published date: 2 April 2010


This Advisory Circular (AC) provides describes an acceptable means of compliance with the maintenance and manufacturing rules set out in Part 43, Part 145, Part 148, and the documentation for the installation of parts in accordance with Part 21.

It also includes material for persons responsible for manufacture of aircraft components and maintenance of aircraft and components, and provides acceptable techniques, methods, and practices in relation to CAA Form One–authorised release certificate.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 21 Certification of Products and Parts, Part 43 General Maintenance Rules, Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisations Certification, and Part 148 Aircraft Manufacturing Organisations Certification.

Change notice

Revision 1 removes the six month transition provisions allowing the use of the previous format of CAA Form One. All CAA Form One (authorised release certificates) are now required to comply with the contents of this AC.