Published date: 14 February 2024


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with the security requirements and standards of Civil Aviation Rule Part 109, Regulated Air Cargo Agent – Certification, for the carriage by air of cargo and mail on an aircraft conducting an international regular air transport passenger service.

Related rules

This AC relates to Civil Aviation Rule Part 109 Regulated Air Cargo Agent – Certification.

Change notice

Revision 5 is a substantive update which:

  • Expands advice on the acceptance and ongoing oversight of known customers in New Zealand's air cargo and mail secure supply chain.
  • Adds sub-sections to clarify the intent of rule parts.
  • Adds a sub-section on the security control of transhipment cargo
  • Adds more detail to an acceptable form of compliance for Regulated Air Cargo Agents (RACAs) to ensure their obligations as a Part 109 certificate holder are being met, with particular reference to rule 109.61. 
  • Updates the sections on Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) and Occurrence Reporting.
  • Adds appendices:
    • Template for known customer register
    • Known Customer Security Programme (example)
    • Security Culture          
    • Elements of a strong security culture, and
    • Transhipment Cargo.

Because of the extent of the update, including those made in response to participant feedback, there is also a marked-up copy to make it easier to check the changes quickly:

AC109-1 marked-up copy [PDF 811 KB]