Published date: 21 September 2022


This AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with Civil Aviation Rule Part 115 Adventure Aviation Certification and Operations relating to hot air balloon operations.

Related rules

This AC relates to Civil Aviation Rule Part 115 - specifically Subpart I ‘Hot Air Balloon Operations’. It also refers to requirements in the operating rules of Parts 12, 43, 61, 91, 100, 101 and 141. It also refers to Part 1, which provides for definitions and abbreviations used in the Civil Aviation Rules.

Change notice

Revision 1 of this AC updates advice in rule 91.247 to reflect new rules on the use of transponder and altitude reporting equipment to transmit ADS-B data, and updates advice on rule 91.513 about controlled airspace. It also standardises the format, corrects minor errors and adds a Version History. 

We have also made a marked up copy [PDF 226 KB], so changes can be easily checked. As with other ACs, text in yellow highlight denotes insertions and text in strikethough denotes deletions.