Published date: 4 February 2014


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with Part 21 Certification of Products and Parts.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 21 Subpart H – Airworthiness Certificates, Rule 21.173(5) Special category–amateur-built airworthiness certificate, and Rule 21.197 Special category–amateur-built certification requirements.

Change notice

Revision 2 makes the following changes:

  • amends Annual Review of Airworthiness (ARA) to read Review of Airworthiness (RA)
  • updates the CAA point of contact manager title
  • amends the period for Review of Airworthiness (RA) to read 24 month period to align with Part 91
  • inserts a new paragraph (l) under “Design and Construction” to clarify some policy issues which could affect eligibility to be classified as an amateur-built aircraft
  • amends paragraphs (a) and (c)(vii) under “Amateur Aircraft, Constructed Outside New Zealand”, to align with current policy for imported aircraft
  • amends rule reference 21.193(c) under “Issuance of Special Category Airworthiness certificate” to read  21.197(a)(9), to align with the current version of Part 21.