Published date: 5 September 2016


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with the airworthiness design standards and operating procedures required to obtain approval by the Director to conduct Performance Based Navigation (PBN) operations under RNP 1, RNP 2, RNAV 1, RNAV 2, RNP APCH and BARO VNAV within New Zealand. Approval by the Director may be granted upon satisfactory assessment of the aircraft navigation system and documented operator procedures, and confirmation of the training and qualification of pilots.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to the applicable provisions of New Zealand Civil Aviation Rule Part 91.

It also relates to the pilot training and qualification requirements in Parts 61, 119, 121, 125 and 135.

Change notice

Revision 0.3 updates the interim transitional clarification notice for Part 91 participants in regard to gaining RNP 1 approvals. The other content from Revision 0.2 remains unchanged.