Published date: 16 June 2021


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with standard radiotelephony phraseology for use by pilots and air traffic services (ATS) and incorporates examples and guidance for managing ground vehicles. It is based on the following ICAO documents:

  • ICAO Annex 10, Aeronautical Telecommunications Volume II (Communication Procedures including those with PANS status)
  • ICAO Doc 4444 Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Air Traffic Management
  • ICAO Doc 9432 Manual of Radiotelephony contains examples, based on the above documents, which are intended to be representative of radio telephony in common use.

Civil Aviation Rules Part 172 Air Traffic Service Organisations – Certification, rule 172.105 Radio and telephone procedures lists the above order of precedence for these documents to be used in determining standard phraseology when communicating with pilots.

Related rules

This AC relates to Civil Aviation Rule Parts 91 and 172 regarding communications requirements between pilots and ATS.

Change notice

Revision 14 introduces new sub-section, 5.15 Vehicles, Vehicles, covering rules for vehicles operating or intending to operate on the manoeuvring area, which explicitly refers to the requirements of rule 139.119, Ground vehicles.

It enhances other parts as follows:

  • expanding section 4.12.8, clarifying ground vehicle read back requirements
  • expanding section 5.15.1, with figures 5.15.1a and 5.15.1b covering standard phraseology for ground vehicles
  • adding more detailed examples to 9.2 VFR departures and 9.4 IFR departures, and
  • taking out identifying city and town names in communications example tables.