Part 71 provides the general rules applying to the designation and classification of airspace for aviation, and in the public interest.

Consolidations of the Civil Aviation Rules are for reference – they are not the official versions of the rules – to view those, see “history of amendments”.

The history of amendments below, when expanded, shows copies of the original issue, amendments, and re-issues of this Part. Other legislative changes shown are for reference – to view the full version of the relevant amendment Act, see link).

Amendment Effective date
Amendment 4 [PDF 150 KB] 23 Oct 2008
Amendment 3 [PDF 45 KB] 11 May 2006
Amendment 2 (re-issue) [PDF 163 KB] 05 Aug 2004
Amendment 1 [PDF 159 KB] 08 Aug 2002
Original issue [PDF 929 KB] 01 Jan 1998