Published date: 26 August 2022


This AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with the aircraft manufacturing organisation requirements under Civil Aviation Rule Part 148 (Part 148).


This AC is intended to assist organisations in gaining certification to carry out aeronautical manufacturing activities in New Zealand.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Part 148, Aircraft Manufacturing Organisations Certification.

Change notice

Revision 4 provides updated guidance to reflect the transition from a Quality Management System (QMS) to a system of safety management (Safety Management System or SMS) focus, as reflected in rule 148.65.

Throughout, we have substituted guidance on quality management with reference to AC100-1, as participants are advised to follow this AC when designing their SMS. We have also made minor stylistic changes, including punctuation and general formatting fixes. Lastly, we have taken the opportunity to add a Version History.

We have also made a marked up version [PDF 613 KB] available with the insertions highlighted in yellow and deletions in strikethrough so participants can check the changes easily.