Published date: 8 May 2024


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with standards for providing radio station approval level information to aircraft operators.

This material is intended for operators of aircraft and licensed aircraft maintenance engineers carrying out modifications and other maintenance requiring the replacement or creation of form CAA 2129, Aircraft Radio Station Equipment Approval Levels [PDF 234 KB].

Note: Only communication equipment required for the intended operation needs to be captured in the 2129.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Part 43 Subpart B, Part 91 Subpart F, and Part 19 Subpart D.

This AC relates specifically to Part 43 Subpart B, Maintenance, rule 91.111(3)(iii), Documents to be carried, and Part 91 Subpart F, Instrument and Equipment Requirements.

Change notice

This AC replaces Revision 6, dated 15 February 2002. It clarifies the content of the form CAA 2129, including the need to list communication equipment on it. It also revokes Appendix A and provides alternative sources of this information. Lastly, we have taken the opportunity to add a Version History.