Published date: 1 June 2023


This Advisory Circular (AC) describes an acceptable means of compliance with requirements for flight time experience and on the examination syllabus content for meeting the Civil Aviation Rule (CAR) requirements for the issue of an Instrument Rating (IR).

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rule Part 61 Subpart Q–Instrument Ratings.

Change notice

Revision 14 is a substantive revision which:

  • Inserts a revised Subject 52-IR Air Law, Subject 54-Flight Navigation IFR and Subject 56-Instruments and Navigation Aids syllabi.
  • Inserts a new syllabus Subject 53-IR Operational Knowledge specifically for PPL holders only.
  • Removes references to technically enhanced (TEA) and replaces with electronic flight instrument systems (EFIS) and defines competency requirements.
  • Defines the requirements for single-pilot and multi-pilot privileges.
  • Introduces training requirements for navigation specifications including a new training syllabus in Appendix III.
  • Introduces 2D and 3D approach terminology and clarifies the approach procedures required for initial issue and competency demonstrations.
  • Outlines the conditions in which FMS ratings can be recognised as GNSS endorsements for licence issue.
  • Updates the requirements for GNSS receiver competency demonstration.
  • Clarifies what is determined as similar navigation systems.
  • Updates Appendix II, Instrument Rating Flight Test Syllabus – Incorporates ‘accuracy for all aircraft’ section into the ‘In flight’ section.
  • Adds new Appendix III, PBN Pilot Knowledge and Training Syllabus.
  • Adds Appendix IV, ADF/NDB Theory Course Syllabus.
  • Moves Appendix III, GNSS Theory Course Syllabus to Appendix V for transitional requirements.