Published date: 2 December 2021


This AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with requirements for flight time experience and on the examination syllabus content, to assist applicant(s), to meet the requirements of Civil Aviation Rules, Part 61 Pilot Licences and Ratings.

Related rules

This AC relates specifically to Civil Aviation Rules, Part 61 Pilot Licences and Ratings Subpart G.

Change notice

Revision 10 adds guidance on rule 61.305 Privileges and limitations specific to Category E flight instructor rating.

For ease of reference, this document provides a marked-up draft of the new sections that have been added, as shown in yellow.

AC061-18 Rev 11 Pilot license and ratings - flight instructor ratings - marked up copy for information [PDF 516 KB]

Cancellation notice

This AC cancels AC61-18 Revision 9 dated 3 August 2016.