Published date: 8 February 2022


This AC describes an acceptable means of compliance with Civil Aviation Rule Part 61 relating to flight time experience and on the examination syllabus content for the issue of an airline transport pilot licence.

Related rules

This advisory circular relates to Civil Aviation Rule Part 61 Subpart F—Airline Transport Pilot Licences.

Change notice

Revision 23 introduces an amended syllabus for Subject 42 ATPL Meteorology, including new sub-sections 42.42.10, 42.50.10 and 42.50.12.  In addition, at sub-section 42.48.12 the numbering for this section has changed, as the previous (a) typical horizontal wind directions at low, middle, and upper levels, has been deleted, making the previous (b) now (a) and so on.

It also makes minor stylistic changes to standardise the format.

There have also been requests, through the AC feedback survey, for it to be possible for participants to cut and paste syllabi items more easily into a spreadsheet. We have created a write-protected Word version of this AC, for this, which can be downloaded here.

AC61-7 Revision 23, Pilot Licences and Ratings - Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Word version [DOCX 340 KB]