Under Civil Aviation Rule Part 91.223, all aerodrome traffic circuits must be flown left hand when approaching for a landing or performing a take off unless -

  • The pilot is otherwise authorised or instructed by ATC, or
  • The details published in the AIPNZ for the runway being used specifies a right hand circuit.

If you intend to operate a right hand circuit at your aerodrome you will need to supply the following information to the CAA in accordance with CAR Part 93.355.

  • the name and contact details of the applicant, and
  • the name of the aerodrome, and
  • details of the runway that is the subject of the application including the runway designation, surface type, and any associated instrument procedures, and
  • details of any other runway on the aerodrome, and
  • details of any other aerodrome or heliport that is within 10 nm of the aerodrome, and
  • the reasons for having a right-hand aerodrome traffic circuit, and
  • details of consultation with aerodrome users and others potentially affected by the right hand circuit, and
  • any other applicable information that is requested by the Director.

An application for a right-hand aerodrome traffic circuit determination must be submitted to the Manager Aeronautical Services with the payment of any applicable charge prescribed by regulations made under the Act, and the application must be submitted not less than 90 days before the date on which the right-hand aerodrome traffic circuit is to come into force, unless a shorter period is acceptable to the Director. It normally takes between 3 - 5 hours of chargeable time to assess a right hand circuit application.

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