2019 Whenuapai CTR and surrounding GAAs

2019 Whenuapai airspace review - consultation [PDF 24 KB]

2019 Whenuapai airspace review - proposal [PDF 3.6 MB]

2019 East Coast - Gisborne and Hawke's Bay - deferred until 2020

The subsequent consultation period for the Hawkes Bay/Gisborne Airspace review has now closed. Due to circumstances, Airways have delayed the implementation of PBN procedures associated with this airspace until 2020. Given that changes to airspace and implementation of instrument flight procedures are interconnected, the airspace review - Gisborne and Hawkes Bay has been deferred until November 2020.

A summary of submissions for the current consultation period will be published mid-2019 and will also incorporate the initial consultation conducted in 2017. The submissions received will now be considered as part of the 2020 review. If it is considered necessary, a further consultation period and meeting will be held early 2020. This period will also consider any further airspace amendments to the Hawke's Bay and Gisborne review, petitioned to the Director from now.

Most of the submissions received during the initial consultation period involved portions of controlled airspace. Without the final designs of the controlled airspace changes, it was not possible to action these requests. The submissions received will now be considered as part of the review now re-activated.

A summary of the initial submissions received will be published in conjunction with the airspace review proposed for 2020. 

2019 East Coast airspace review - Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay - subsequent consultation [PDF 23 KB] - submissions closed

Airways New Zealand submissions to the Civil Aviation Authority's 2019 East Coast airspace review:

2017 East Coast airspace review - Gisborne and Hawke's Bay - initial consultation [PDF 80 KB] - submissions closed 

2019 Other proposed changes

2019 Proposed CFZs North Wellington

Proposed common frequency zones - North Wellington - airspace user consultation [PDF 24 KB]

Proposal for new common frequency zones (CFZs) in north Wellington area - Kapiti user group [PDF 3.5 MB] 

Proposed common frequency zones – North Wellington – Subsequent airspace user consultation [PDF 894 KB] - submissions closed

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