Filters applied

This Continuing Airworthiness Notice (CAN) is revised to advise operators and maintainers that MDHI have released Service Letter SL369H-158, SL369D-142, SL369E-097, SL369F-088, SL500N-044, SL600N-038 (issued as a single document) and updated the relevant aircraft ICA and introduced an inspection for the pilots interconnecting cyclic pitch torque tube assembly. The inspection includes a freedom of movement check of the torque tube and bearings.

This CAN is prompted by CAA awareness of several cargo hooks in New Zealand being damaged due to torsional loads. Loads attached to a cargo hook with a spreader bar (e.g. a fertilizer bucket) may cause the cargo hook to be subjected to high torsional loads which can damage the cargo hook. To ensure continued airworthiness of the hook, additional inspections, certain on-condition repairs, and/or appropriate replacement actions have been added to the manufacturers CMM. Refer to Onboard Systems CMM 122-015-00 for the new/additional inspections required for cargo hooks used for torsional load applications.

32-002 - PA-31

10 Sep 2012

Main Gear Retraction Arms P/N 42042-000 & P/N 42042-002