Published date: 3 September 2021

From 17 August, the Aviation Security Service (Avsec) volunteered to assist the all-of-Government COVID-19 response by providing a passenger checking service at the entrances to all major New Zealand Airports.

This entailed our Avsec security officers checking for valid travel documents to confirm the right to travel, such as producing a boarding pass and/or travel itinerary. According to the approved process at that time they were then allowed to pass through the doors.

Once ourselves, other agencies and the airport companies were made aware that some passengers weren’t following the rules, additional checks were put in place at Auckland Airport to qualify a passenger’s eligibility to travel. These came into effect on Tuesday morning, August 31.

The step-by-step process being applied now is:

  • When a passenger approaches the airport doors the Aviation Security Officer (ASO) asks them for their boarding pass;
  • If that is produced the ASO then asks them about the purpose of their travel and to see their eligibility document;
  • If it meets the requirements for travel they will then be allowed to enter the airport;
  • If they don’t meet the requirements they will be told not to enter;
  • If they object the police are called;
  • If Police aren’t available, then the matter is handed over to the Airport Company, and they are banned from the terminal.

Avsec is following these steps to help protect Aotearoa New Zealand from the spread of COVID-19. We are also asking members of the public to play their part and follow the rules regarding travel during this time.