Certificated organisations are permitted to use the CAA logo with certain conditions.

The CAA logo must be less prominent than the organisation’s logo or masthead.

It should be placed at the bottom of the document, sign, or web page.

A proof is to be sent to comms@caa.govt.nz before the work is public. This can be a PDF or an image file.


The wording must include: “Part XXX certificated”. For example, “Part 115 certificated”. Organisations certificated under Part 119 should include that as well as 121, or 125, or 135. For example, “Part 119/135 certificated”.

It must not use the wording “approved” and must not imply any endorsement by the CAA.

Website links

Where the logo is used on a website, It is helpful to users if the image links to the CAA website, aviation.govt.nz, but this isn't essential. However, the CAA logo must not be used as a link to any other website or document.


Permission to use the CAA logo is on the understanding that this is a privilege and not a right. If the organisation ceases to hold a certificate, then the privilege is withdrawn, and use of the logo must cease.

The CAA reserves the right to amend these conditions without notice.


Any enquires about use of the CAA logo should be sent to comms@caa.govt.nz, including requests for the file.