Published date: 9 July 2021

The Civil Aviation Authority has reviewed Invercargill Airport Limited’s assessment that air traffic control services should remain at the airport in the interests of aviation safety.

CAA Aeronautical Services Manager Sean Rogers says after a thorough, independent review of the aeronautical study submitted by the airport company, the CAA agrees with the study’s conclusions.

That study noted that flight numbers and air traffic volumes at the airport had already returned to pre-COVID levels and concluded that an air traffic service was needed to maintain the safety of aircraft operating to and from the airport.

“Aeronautical studies are an important process to assess aviation risk and determine how those risks are best managed to maximise the safety of the travelling public,” Mr Rogers said.

“Our teams thoroughly assessed the aeronautical study and its recommendation that current air traffic services remain in place.”

“The recommendation comes after a broad consultation with interested parties, including airport staff, Air Traffic Control staff and other airspace users. The recommendation also acknowledges the bespoke aspects of the aviation environment at Invercargill.”

Notes to the editor:

  • The CAA’s assessment of the Invercargill Airport aeronautical study and the appropriate level of air traffic risk management was based on the current aerodrome operating environment and level of activity at Invercargill Airport.

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