Published date: 6 April 2021

The changes to medical requirements in Rule 61, Amendment 17, outlined here, have led to changes to four Advisory Circulars (ACs):

AC61-1 - Pilot licences and ratings – General

In Revision 11, references to the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) have been deleted, as the RPL category has been revoked.

AC61-2 – Pilot licence and rating – Student Pilots

In Revision 8, paragraph 1.1.4 in Revision 7 has been deleted. As a result, former paragraph 1.1.5 is now 1.1.4 and 1.1.6 is now 1.1.5.

AC61-3 – Pilot Licences and Ratings – Private pilot licence

In Revision 27: 

  • references to an RPL have been deleted
  • the process for the issue or renewal of a New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) medical certificate is outlined in sections Private Pilot License (PPL) Medical Requirements, PPL Eligibility requirements, and Approved Equivalent which have been largely redrafted
  • a new section, 61.155 Privileges and limitations, outlines the privileges a PPL holder using a current a Land Transport (DL9) medical certificate may or may not exercise, and

Appendix I - Private Pilot License Experience Requirements notes that:

  • only the holder of at least a current Class 1 or 2 medical certificate may exercise night flying privileges, and
  • an applicant who does not meet cross-country requirements does not comply with rule 61.153(a)(3)(i) and may not exercise privileges of a private pilot on cross-country flight, and

Appendix II—Private Pilot Licence Written Examination Syllabus adds:

  • sub-topics 4.12.16, 4.16.12, 4.16.14 covering the rules for DL9 medical certificate holders, and
  • sub-topic 10.30.5 covering the responsibilities of pilots operating on a Land Transport medical with regard to a known change in medical condition that might affect their fitness to fly.

AC61-20 – Pilot licence and ratings – Recreational Pilot License - REVOKED

With the closure of the RPL, this AC has been revoked. Please note that, from April 5 2021, this AC no longer reflects current CAA guidance. Any copies of this AC should be destroyed, deleted or marked as no longer current.