Published date: 18 October 2019

The final Safety Investigation Report into the fatal crash of a RANS Aircraft S-19 Class 2 Microlight in June 2017 has been released today.

The aircraft, ZK-MBX, was flying with two POB as part of a group fly-away from Taieri Aerodrome to Omarama Aerodrome on 25 June 2017 when it departed controlled flight during its cruise, subsequently impacting terrain.

As a result of the investigation and findings an article called Stay in Control was published in the July/August 2018 edition of Vector. The article aimed to raise awareness of the risks associated with allowing someone who is not appropriately qualified to manipulate the controls of an aircraft.

The safety messages contained in the report make it clear that the only time someone else who is not appropriately qualified can take the controls of an aircraft is in the presence of a qualified flying instructor.

The other safety message is a reminder of the benefits of using a flight following service – this could reduce the amount of time spent searching for an aircraft and subsequently increase the chance of survival.

You can read more comprehensive information about survival after an accident in the Survival Good Aviation Practice booklet.