Published date: 12 August 2020

The Civil Aviation Authority teamed up with creative agency FCB to produce an updated drone safety campaign which highlights six rules drone users must follow to safely Share the Skies.

“This campaign is targeted at the group most likely to be using drones– men up to the age of 40, who make up nearly 35 percent of all recreational drone users,” Mr Winter said.

“Our message to these users is that when you fly a drone, you’re actually a pilot and you need to follow some basic rules to keep other people safe on the ground and in the air.”

The Share the Skies campaign highlights six rules drone users need to follow:

  • Always fly below 120 metres.
  • Don’t fly over people without permission.
  • Keep your drone in sight at all times.
  • Stay 4km away from aerodromes and helipads.
  • Give way to all aircraft. Land immediately.
  • Don’t fly over property without permission.

“At the CAA we regulate the whole range of drones, from 25 gram hobby drones through to unmanned aircraft which are being designed to one day carry passengers. Regardless of the size of your drone, it pays to check out the rules so you’re not putting anyone else at risk.

“It’s also important for drone users to check the Airshare map before taking off(external link) because even if you are more than 4km away from an airport, you still might be in controlled airspace.”

Share the Skies drone safety campaign:

Download the video from Google Drive(external link)


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