Published date: 11 February 2022

The Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) role at Raglan Aerodrome is the maintenance of aviation safety.

CAA staff have been in contact with most affected parties to set out the role of CAA in this situation and our expectations of all parties, and to emphasise that this is a collective responsibility.

In addition, we have investigated complaints made against pilots attempting to land at the aerodrome. We are aware that the police have been notified of damage to fences at the aerodrome.

Following CAA investigations into aviation-related concerns at Raglan Aerodrome, we are confident Waikato District Council has taken all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that pedestrian traffic and aircraft traffic are segregated in the interests of safety. The operator has closed the aerodrome while protesters are on the aerodrome.

It is our firm and clear expectation that the Council, as the aerodrome operator, will do all it can to ensure the safety of aircraft, people and property on the ground. We are aware that the council is working closely with the police.

We do expect residents and aviation participants, in the interests of safety, to observe all rules and regulations imposed by Waikato District Council. Any observed unsafe behaviour of pilots and aircraft are best reported to the Council as the aerodrome operator in the first instance.

Pilots or the public can submit any safety concerns to CAA through its Inwards Safety Information unit This is the correct way to have these incidents captured and followed through.

As the aviation safety regulatory authority, the CAA does not have a role in any decisions relating to land ownership issues at any aerodrome including Raglan.

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