Published date: 8 November 2019

If you own a New Zealand-registered aircraft with a MCTOW of less than 7,500kg, you may qualify for financial support to help you equip with ADS-B.

In October the Government announced a $12.5 million ADS-B Grant programme, to support the uptake of ADS-B equipment by New Zealand’s general aviation sector.

Today the Civil Aviation Authority has released the eligibility criteria for the ADS-B Grant programme, visit ADS-B.

Deputy Director, Air Transport and Airworthiness, Mark Hughes said the grant scheme would apply retrospectively, meaning that eligible ADS-B installations since 14 June 2014 would be covered by the grants.

“This grant programme will help a wide range of New Zealand aircraft operators to equip with ADS-B capability before the proposed ADS-B mandate comes into effect in December 2021,” Mr Hughes said.

“With the eligibility criteria for the grant scheme finalised, now is the perfect time for aircraft owners to book in their ADS-B installation with their local avionics provider.

“New Zealand’s ADS-B Grant programme is one of the most generous worldwide, so aircraft owners should make the most of the opportunity to equip early with ADS-B OUT and unlock the additional safety benefits of ADS-B IN.”

The Civil Aviation Authority is currently developing the application process and administration system for the grant scheme. Further details and an indicative timeline will be announced in early 2020.