Published date: 4 November 2022

Jeppesen Flight Information Services Global cyber security incident

Update 07 Nov 2022

Indications are that a global FD Pro issue affecting all operators that use Jepp FD PRO means that Jepp FD PRO terminal and enroute data on iPads cannot be updated since 02 Nov. The AIRAC cycle changeover date was 03 Nov. Users who updated their devices before 02 Nov should be unaffected and can continue to use current FD PRO data.

Users who have not updated prior to 02 Nov will not be able to load the 03 Nov data in FD PRO. Data will show as not current, however previous cycle data will still be available. It appears that only the Jepp FD Pro data on iPads is affected. Users should continue to check all data to confirm accuracy.

Jeppesen are actively working the issue and further information can be found on their website(external link).

04 Nov 2022

  • New Zealand users of Jeppesen Flight Information Services can switch over to NZ Aeronautical Information Publication(external link) (AIP) data if they have any concerns over the accuracy of the data being provided.
  • All users need to be aware that they should check all planned flight routes before departing.
  • Users can print data from the Jeppesen(external link) website but should not use the app.

Jeppensen have shared the following:

We are currently experiencing technical issues with some of our products, services and communication channels. We are working to restore functionality as soon as possible.

If you need support at this time, please reach out to us at link). Phone support is not available at this time.

This disruption is also impacting the receipt and processing of new NOTAMs and distribution of current NOTAMs. Flight Operators are reminded that the NOTAMs Offices (NoF) / Air Services Navigation Providers (ANSP) for the countries of departure, overflight, and arrival are alternative sources of NOTAMs.

The United States FAA and ICAO have access websites link) | link)

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