Published date: 6 September 2022

We’ve been receiving reports, for some time now, that worldwide COVID-related supply chain issues are creating challenges for already stretched operators.

Increased costs, shipping delays, and manufacturer backlogs, unfortunately now commonplace in a COVID-19 world, have combined with vendor ‘lean models’, such as ‘just in time’, to create a perfect storm of supply issues.

We’re aware that this toxic combination of issues is, in some instances, applying immense pressure on your ability to manage the airworthiness of your aircraft. It’s more important than ever, therefore, that you make sure you’re planning, and forecasting, way ahead of time, your spares requirements and your aircraft maintenance.

If you need support from us in the form of maintenance programme temporary escalations, modification approvals, or PMA/STC validations for example, please give us as much notice as possible. We’re currently dealing with significant backlogs, and this can potentially delay processing your applications.

With sufficient notice, we’re in a much better place to discuss your plans ahead of significant investment, and to prioritise work to ensure that we’re supporting you as much as we can.