Government advice on COVID-19 and CAA information about continuing to operate as an aviation participant.

Page last updated 09 Sep 2021

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CAA information

For civil aviation enquiries, email

Continuing Airworthiness Notice – 02-004 – Interior cleaning of aircraft during the Covid-19 pandemic – 09 September 2021

This Continuing Airworthiness Notice (CAN) is issued to advise operators and maintainers of the airworthiness risks associated with Covid-19 cleaning requirements.

Read CAN 02-004 here.

Alert Level 4 & 3: COVID-19 Guidance for Transport Operators - 3 September 2021

This guidance is subject to change as the response develops. This version contains the following key updates:

  • the move to Alert Level 3 for Northland at 11.59pm on 2 September 2021
  • new mandatory record keeping requirements that come into effect at 11.59pm on 7 September

Alert Level 4 & 3: COVID-19 Guidance for Transport Operators - 3 September 2021 [PDF 990 KB]

Maintenance flying under Level 3 and 4

Flying private or recreational aircraft for essential maintenance is not currently allowed at Alert Levels 3 and 4. The CAA has been and continues to pursue approval for maintenance required to be carried out on aircraft that are not able to fly under current COVID levels. We are seeking similar dispensations to those put in place during previous COVID conditions and are actively pursuing this through the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health had indicated that previous approvals issued by the CAA were no longer valid and we will publish details of any new scheme as soon as we get the permissions we are seeking. The CAA is aware this is a concern for many private operators and our teams are doing all we can to resolve this potential safety issue.

Alert Level 4 & 3: COVID-19 Guidance for Transport Operators - 31 August 2021

Community transmission remains under investigation in Auckland. At 11.59pm on 31 August 2021, all of New Zealand (except Auckland and Northland) will move to Alert Level 3. Auckland and Northland will remain at Alert Level 4, the Alert Level areas are described at schedule 4 and 5 of the Order.

Alert Level 4/3: COVID-19 Guidance for Transport Operators [PDF 995 KB]

Continuing Airworthiness Notice – 05-011 – Continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft in reduced operation due to COVID-19 Restrictions (Revision 2) – 30 August 2021

The purpose of this Continuing Airworthiness Notice (CAN) is to advise aviation participants of the current situation regarding aircraft operations for maintenance under COVID-19 restrictions.

Revision 2 of this CAN is raised to address the Alert Level 4 status which began 17 August 2021 and remains in force at the date of publication of this CAN.

Read CAN 05-011 here.

Medical certification

If you are an essential worker and unable to see your Medical Examiner for medical certification during Alert Level 4, please contact your Medical Examiner for options available to you.

Alternative Method to the General Medical Examination

CAA regulatory relief packages

As a result of the extension of New Zealand’s current Alert Level 4 restrictions we have reinstated the regulatory relief package we put in place in March 2020.

Regulatory relief measures available

Alert Level 4: COVID-19 Guidance for Transport Operators - 22 August 2021

Community transmission is under investigation in Auckland. At 11.59pm on 17 August 2021, all of New Zealand moved to Alert Level 4.

Alert Level 4: COVID-19 Guidance for Transport Operators - 22 August 2021 [PDF 1013 KB]

Printing of licences during COVID-19 Alert Level 4

The CAA is not currently able to print licences for those who have applied for a new issue or any amendments. However, we are able to provide PDF copies and can continue to provide verification (use Form CAA602 [PDF 30 KB]) to other National Aviation Authorities if required. This is due to the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand which has prevented our teams from accessing our licence printer. See below for further information about what Alert Level 4 means for the aviation sector.

Alert Level 4: COVID-19 Guidance for Transport Operators - 17 August 2021

The government has announced that at 11.59pm on 17 August 2021, all of New Zealand will move to Alert Level 4 while a community transmission case is under investigation in Auckland. Alert Level 4 is in place for at least 7 days for all New Zealand [updated 20 August 2021].

Alert Level 4: COVID-19 Guidance for Transport Operators - 17 August 2021 [PDF 980 KB]

Stand-down period after COVID-19 vaccination

After receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, aviation duties should not be undertaken for a minimum of 24 hours after each dose of the vaccination. This includes pilots, flight crew and flight attendants directly engaged in all forms of commercial and private aviation. It also includes air traffic controllers involved in controlling duties or aircraft maintenance personnel who are required to complete duties involving the ground running, ground taxi or operation of an aircraft.

Updated guidance for crew: Managing human performance risks during COVID-19-impacted conditions

15 Feb 2021

The recent alert level changes are a good opportunity to remind yourself what worked well the last time we were faced with this situation. Take time to refresh your memory and your risk mitigations, remind yourself what you did well and what you have learnt from last time. That thinking time will be invaluable to help you to continue to operate safely.

Remember, it's important to speak up and report any concerns, so that support can be provided and risks can be understood and addressed appropriately.

Read more on Managing human performance risks during COVID-19-impacted conditions

Posters for operators

Please travel safely [PDF 126 KB]

Track your journey [PDF 93 KB]

Everyone must wear a face covering [PDF 85 KB]

Maintaining mental wellbeing in isolation

30 Oct 2020

Our Chief Advisor Human Factors Matt Harris provided advice on maintaining mental wellbeing in isolation in the most recent CAA Briefing. The advice is targeted primarily at aircrew but it serves as a good reminder to all of us of what we can do to look after ourselves and our wellbeing if we find ourselves in isolation in the future – whether it is because of a COVID-19 resurgence, or working in a remote or isolated setting.

Maintaining mental wellbeing in isolation - an extract from the 28 October 2020 CAA Briefing [PDF 152 KB]

Regulatory relief for participants overseas who are required to hold a current NZ Class 1 medical certificate

18 Aug 2020

There are a number of participants overseas who are required to hold a current NZ Class 1 medical certificate and in some instances COVID restrictions have curtailed access to NZ CAA examiners.

We have developed some regulatory relief in a form of case by case exemptions.

The exemption, if granted will provide the applicant relief from the requirement in Civil Aviation Rule CAR 61.35(a)(1)(ii) that a person hold a current class 1 medical certificate issued under the Act.


Human factors considerations for aviation professionals after COVID-19 lockdown

3 Aug 2020

Being an aviation professional can be demanding at the best of times, whether it’s dealing with long and unpredictable hours, varying workloads, or complex environments. We recognise that the significant impacts of COVID-19 on the aviation sector have made things even more challenging.


Certification and SMS

12 Jun 2020

The provisions that were part of the regulatory relief package about recertification and the rescheduling of SMS implementation dates no longer apply.

Applicants for both certification and recertification are to apply in the prescribed manner. The rescheduling of SMS implementation dates has been completed, and there will be no further amendment to those dates.

Draft General Direction withdrawn

09 Jun 2020

On 19 May 2020, the CAA consulted on a General Direction that enabled medical certificates with expiry dates between 26 March and 24 June 2020 to remain in force until 90 days following the original date of expiry.

Based on feedback the CAA received, together with recent evidence showing a high uptake of participants seeking aviation medicals, we feel the proposed GD is no longer required.

Flammable PPE products

04 Jun 2020

Flammable personal protection equipment products [PDF 22 KB]

For CAA information before 4 Jun 2020, see Earlier CAA COVID-19 information