This charter is a commitment to you on the standards of service we aim to achieve in carrying out our functions.

We've prepared a service charter, and made it available for the public, as required by section 72G of the Civil Aviation Act 1990(external link).

Service charter [PDF 230 KB]

Service charter

This revision of the charter sets out:

  • the general standards of service which you can expect us to provide in carrying out our functions;
  • the steps you can take if you consider that these standards have not been met;
  • what we will do to “put it right” where both agree that these standards have not been met;
  • the options for resolving the matter if we cannot agree.

Our standards of service

We, the CAA management and staff, while carrying out our day to day functions, will use our best efforts to achieve the following standards of service:

  • treat everyone with courtesy and respect;
  • provide timely, accurate and useful responses to all inquiries;
  • act in a helpful, co-operative and professional manner.

In addition, in aiming to achieve these standards we, the CAA management and staff, will:

  • acknowledge all written inquiries within 10 working days;
  • provide progress reports where matters proceed over a period of time, that is, if a full response can not be completed within 10 working days;
  • identify ourselves by name when communicating by telephone.

Service charter complaints procedure

  1. A complaint that any of our standards of service have not been met can be made by contacting the Director of Civil Aviation by:
    • Telephone: 04 560 9400; or
    • Email:; or
    • Letter to: The Director of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority, PO Box 3555, Wellington 6140
  2. If the complaint is made by telephone, we recommend that your complaint is confirmed in writing to the Director of Civil Aviation.
  3. All written complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days of receipt. Acknowledgement will identify the CAA contact person responsible for co-ordinating the response to the complaint.
  4. The complaint will be processed by the CAA in accordance with CAA Procedures.
  5. Progress reports will be provided, on a monthly basis, where matters proceed for a length of time.
  6. A written response to the letter of complaint will be forwarded to the complainant as soon as practicable.


We, the CAA management and staff are committed to finding a mutually acceptable remedy when it is determined that any of the standards of service have not been met.

Remedies could include any of the following, when appropriate:

  • an apology;
  • the provision of accurate and complete information to satisfy the original request;
  • corrective measures with respect to CAA procedures to prevent the situation from recurring.

Appointment of an independent person

A written application may be made to the Director for the appointment of an independent person to assist in the resolution of the dispute where a complainant is not satisfied with the CAA response to a complaint that any of the standards of service have not been met.

Upon referral to an independent person:

  1. The CAA and the complainant may make submissions to the independent person.
  2. The independent person shall consider the submissions and make a recommendation to the Director regarding the complaint.
  3. The complainant shall be notified of the recommendation of the independent person and any action taken as a result of the recommendation.


The standards of service, Service Charter complaints procedure, and remedies set out in the Service Charter do not apply to the exercise of statutory powers, or to the exercise of discretionary decision making pursuant to the Civil Aviation Act.

For example, the Service Charter does not apply to decisions made by the Director relating to, among other things:

  1. the consideration of applications for aviation documents;
  2. suspension of aviation documents;
  3. revocation of aviation documents;
  4. the consideration of petitions for exemptions from the requirements of the Civil Aviation Rules;
  5. the enforcement of the provisions of the Act or any other Act or of rules or regulations made under any Act.

There are legal remedies available where a person is aggrieved as a result of decisions made pursuant to the Act and legal advice should be sought in such cases.


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