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This part of the Medical Manual provides guidelines to Medical Examiners (MEs) in relation to a number of medical conditions that may be of Aeromedical significance. This manual must be used in conjunction with any applicable legislation: Civil Aviation Act(external link), Civil Aviation Rule Part 67 and General Directions.

Where any doubt or contradiction exists, the legislation provisions, inclusive of the General Directions, take precedence. Guidelines should be applied using judgement. Departure from them is acceptable when medical evidence justifies. Such justification should be fully explained in the documentation provided to the Central Medical Unit.

This document is not intended to be a textbook in Aviation Medicine. It is intended to be a living document. Medical Examiners (MEs) wishing to print this manual should check regularly on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website that they are using a current version. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

The CAA website provides a number of links. Medical Examiners need to be aware however that local legislation, or CAA policies and opinion, may be different from overseas policies.

Key points

  • Any applicable legislation, inclusive of the General Directions, takes precedence over the guidelines;
  • Departure from this guidelines should be based on Medical Evidence and justified in the ME report.

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