The nature and location of upper respiratory system malignancies are such that wide excision may be difficult. Intranasal and sino-nasal malignancies are prone to local recurrence. Larynx and tongue malignancies may result in significant functional and speech impairment.

Information to be provided

  • An applicant with a history of ENT malignancy must provide all specialists’ reports relating to the history of malignancy; and
  • A recent ENT specialist or oncologist report.


An applicant with a history of ENT malignancy should be considered as having a condition that is of aeromedical significance unless:

  • At least five years have lapsed since treatment of the malignancy; and
  • The applicant has been discharged from specialists follow-ups in the absence of relapse; and
  • The applicant does not suffer from functional impairment, such as speech impairment, or other sequelae that could affect flight safety; and
  • The Medical Examiner has given consideration to the cancer history and reasonably considers the condition to be cured.

Note: Most ENT Head and Neck malignancies are Squamous cell carcinomas. Cure is probable in the absence of recurrence 5 years post treatment.