The Civil Aviation Authority’s Occurrence and movement dashboard allows you to explore anonymised, sector level, data on occurrences and activities reported to the CAA since 1 January 2013.

Activities can be searched based on aircraft category, sector, and activity description. Similarly, occurrences can be filtered by time period, location, type of occurrence, type of aircraft, and other relevant factors.

We regularly add new reported occurrences to keep the database up to date quarterly.

Use this dashboard as a first point of contact when considering asking for information from the CAA about sector activity. If you are seeking data or information that does not appear in search results, contact

How is CAA data collected?

CAA data is collected through mandatory occurrence and activity reporting requirements outlined in the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and, when it comes into force, corresponding provisions of the Civil Aviation Act 2023, along with associated regulations from the aviation industry. We provide this data publicly for transparency with both the public, and the aviation industry that we regulate.

Taxonomy and terminology

Occurrence categories are used to efficiently and consistently classify and code aviation safety occurrences. For more information, please see:

What is an accident or incident?

User agreement

By clicking start, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agree with the limitations and disclaimer on data use shown below.

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Limitations of the data

The quality and consistency of the data largely depend on the accuracy of the reports received by the CAA. Information in most non-investigated occurrence reports is not subject to verification.

Please be aware that this data is subject to change. The CAA may need to update and enhance the data as we receive additional information and validate the existing data.

The CAA receives and records various occurrence reports from the public. Some of these reports may not pertain to a specific event but rather provide general information or are unrelated to operational safety. We have excluded such occurrences. Examples of excluded occurrences include:

  • dangerous goods found at airport security
  • concerns expressed by a member of the public about an operator
  • noise complaints.

Additionally, occurrences classified as security-related, such as dangerous goods, aviation-related concerns, and non-reportable or promulgated information occurrences, are not included in this dashboard.

Disclaimer on data use

The CAA collects aviation safety data, investigates air safety occurrences, and develops regulations for the aviation sector to enhance aviation safety, keeping New Zealand skies safe and secure.

This dashboard presents general and non-identifiable information about activity and occurrences in the aviation sector. The list of occurrences published does not reflect the facts of the incident as reported to the CAA to be true or established nor does it reflect any outcome of the investigation, if any that was conducted into the occurrence.

The CAA receives data from participants daily, then verifies this data as soon as reasonably practicable. This dashboard will be updated quarterly to include all relevant and verified information.

We advise caution when conducting analysis using this data without gathering further context from the CAA. This dashboard displays raw numbers with a low resolution. When the CAA analyses occurrence or activity data, we consider many details which are not included in this dashboard. Therefore, if conclusions are drawn from this data, we ask that you first contact the CAA to ensure relevance to the full context of CAA data and actual safety performance.

When using this data, it is important to remember that occurrence data is provided to the CAA by responsible persons as defined in the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and, when it comes into force, corresponding provisions of the Civil Aviation Act 2023.

The CAA accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person or organisation resulting from the use of this data. The CAA does not warrant the completeness, accuracy or suitability of the data and the database for your intended purpose.