A positive security culture underlies everything we do to keep aviation safe and secure. 

New Zealand is dependent on aviation, much more so than many other countries – we're geographically remote and aviation enables strong connections to the rest of the world, within our islands, and supports our economic and social wellbeing. Internationally and domestically, aviation is a critical transport mode for trade, tourism and the transport of high value and critical products that must reach markets in a timely way.  

We keep the aviation system safe for the public but also for people who work in it and use it, as well as keeping it protected (secure) from people who may wish to cause harm to it.  

Security is everyone's responsibility. Working together and living the values of me mahi tahi –collaboration and me mahi tiki – integrity, we can build the layers needed to keep each aspect of the aviation system safe. I trust this guidance will be a useful resource for current and future managers and trainers in the aviation sector. 

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to keeping people safe, and feeling safe when they fly.

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Keith Manch
Director, Civil Aviation
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand


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