This handbook is aimed at senior leadership, managers, security staff and trainers in the aviation sector.

It provides guidance, concepts and practical tools that can be adopted and implemented as part of internal security management and training, designed to help your organisation enhance security culture. It is also a useful reference guide for staff to consult to learn more about enhancing security culture in the aviation sector.

The advice in this document has been adapted from International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Toolkit on Enhancing Security Culture(external link).

This guidance has been developed as a modular resource to assist with designing initiatives to measure and improve the security culture of your organisation, and different aspects of this guide can be applied across your organisation to improve your overall security culture.

What is effective for you will depend on who you are, what you do, where you are located, the size of your organisation, your risk profile and your other strategic priorities and pressures.  This guidance is flexible and scalable. It is intended to be the starting point for your journey of security culture enhancement and to help you understand different components of security culture, evaluate your current approach to security, and enhance security by using the practical tools within each component.

This guide covers the eight key components of security culture, shown below. They represent intervention points where positive influence and action can help to enhance your organisation’s security culture.

Eight key components of security culture


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