Work together stay apart logoSafety seminars and educational roadshows.

These will be taking place during late 2023 and early 2024. Keep an eye on this page for new dates to be announced.

Work Together, Stay Apart: A seminar for aerodrome users 2024

The CAA is holding educational seminars for aerodrome users throughout 2024 called Work Together, Stay Apart: A seminar for aerodrome users.

The seminars aim to:

  • Share safety occurrence data related to activities at the specific aerodrome locations
  • Cover the four main rules being reinforced in the Work Together, Stay Apart safety campaign: 91.127 Use of aerodromes, 91.223 Operating on and in the vicinity of an aerodrome, 91.227 operating near other aircraft, and 91.229 right of way rules
  • Reinforce standardised procedures
  • Encourage users to work together to manage areas of shared risk
  • Emphasise the importance of reporting.

In 2023, seminars were held in Rangiora and Masterton. As we confirm dates and additional locations for upcoming sessions, we’ll update the table below. We’ll be running 1 to 2 seminars per month, keep an eye out for more seminars as we add them.

Location Date Time
Matamata – Matamata Piako Gliding Club Wednesday, 28 Feb 2024 5.30 pm
Whanganui – Whanganui Aerodrome, exact location TBC Tuesday, 16 Apr 2024 TBC
Ardmore – Auckland Aero Club Thursday, 21 Mar 2024 7:00 pm

Plane Talking 2023

We’ve rolled out a new Good Aviation Practice (GAP) video, Plane Talking 2023, about standard radio calls. This video is the first educational product to be released as part of the Work Together, Stay Apart campaign.

An accompanying seminar was rolled out to aerodrome communities, aero clubs, and flying schools throughout New Zealand during September, October, and November 2023.

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